Racism in Passau

‘Racism in Passau‘ is meant to enhance the theoretical aspects of the Festival Contre Le Racisme that ever so often are in the background: racism, discriminating opinions, verbal remarks and actions in immediate vicinity.

As students our life is pretty much determined by the university. We thus aim to encourage and lend support to the critical discussion within this scientific and social learning and experiencing hub to question one’s own position within this structure.

Racism is of course not only confined to universities and therefore this project is addressed at all people living in and around Passau.

Certain mechanisms of access and exclusion remain hidden or in the subconscious as long as one is not negatively affected by these. That is why we would like to collect experiences and make them public. If you are affected and wish your story to be published, get in touch with us by emailing racism.in.passau@riseup.net. No names are made public if you don’t want to.

We are looking forward to your feedback and comments concerning this project.