Various events will be taking place in both Passau City and University from the 18th – 25th of May. All events will be focusing on anti-racism topics – lectures, film screenings, workshops, discussions, city tours and parties! We are looking forward to listening to lecturers and especially to you supporters!

Here you’ll find an overview to all items on the programme. Please find further details in Theme days.

Wednesday, May 18th

8pm / Café Museum / multimedia reading

Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz / author, pedagogue, social scientist and performer / Berlin

will be reading:

“Kara Günlük. The Secret Diaries of Sesperado“

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Thursday, May 19th

9am – 5pm / seminar room 301 / Nikolakloster, University of Passau / workshop / prior registration required

Critical Whiteness Workshop

We are happy to welcome the team from glokal e.V., a Berlin-based association for education and consultancy against racism, offering an exciting workshop on “critical whiteness“. After glokal e.V. has organised courses concerning “critical whiteness“ for the Centre of Key Qualifications at the University of Passau, the current workshop is aimed at raising awareness of one’s own positioning of being “white“ within an environment dominated by power structures. The overall objective is to offer a chance for open discussions whether or not one personally agrees with it. In case of disagreement, there’s a chance to clarify which thoughts and impulses can be drawn from this, especially what can be done against it.

Prior registration is required by May 13th, emailing  We are looking forward to your active participation.

6pm / venue: tba / lecture

İbrahim Bahçi / University of Münster

„Past Future“ – The Significance of Islam in World History

6pm / venue: tba / lecture

Constantin Wagner / University of Frankfurt

Resentments Against Muslims

8pm / venue: tba / panel discussion


Friday, May 20th

9am – 5pm / seminar room 301 (Nikolakloster, University of Passau)

glokal e.V. – Organisation for politically critical education and consultancy

Empowerment Workshop

4pm / lecture hall 3 (Philosophicum, University of Passau)

Vanessa Eileen Thompson / University of Frankfurt / lecture


Lecture:         What was/ is the Post-Colonial?

Post-colonial theories between suspension and ambivalence

4pm / venue: tba / lecture

Rex Osa / Stuttgart, Germany

Refugees‘ Causes of Flight

6pm / lecture hall 3 (Philosophicum, University of Passau) / lecture, report

Bino Byanski Byakuleka / Refugee Struggle, Berlin

Refugee Struggle for Freedom in Germany

Saturday, May 21st

8am – 12 noon / NK Foyer (Nikolakloster, University of Passau)

Fair Breakfast

12 noon / lecture hall 4 (Philosophicum, University of Passau / lecture

Hamado Dipama

Lecture: Racial Profiling


4pm / lecture hall 4 (Philosophicum, University of Passau) / lecture

Alia Sembol and Özge Pinar Sarp

Lecture:         The NSU (National Socialist Underground)

as example of institutional racism in Germany

6pm / lecture hall 10 (Audimax, University of Passau) / panel discussion

Panel discussion:   Diversity – a dead loss?

How would Germany overcome its racism issues?

8pm / Nikolakloster courtyard, University of Passau



Sunday, May 22nd

2pm / lecture hall 3 (Philosophicum, University of Passau) / lecture

Contemporary witness Myriam Schütze / Münster

Lecture:         Against the Law

„…to the protection of the German blood and the German honour…“


2pm / lecture hall 4 (Philosophicum, University of Passau) / lecture

Jonathan Mack /

Lecture: Antiziganism



4 pm / lecture hall 4 (Philosophicum, University of Passau) / lecture

Christian Rabl, Mag.


Lecture:         Why still remembering?

The culture of remembrance in Austria from 1986 until today


Tuesday, May 24th


8.30pm /        lecture hall 10 (Audimax, University of Passau) /

film screening in cooperation with university cinema UniKino


Film: „The Color Purple“

Prior to the screening, a short introduction is given by Daniel Rurländer.


Wednesday, May 25th


4pm / Meeting at Café Duft (Theresienstr. 22, Passau)

Stadtfuchs Tours

City Tour: Jews in Passau during the Third Reich