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This year’s fclr2016 is organised by students of the University of Passau. We came together via various student and anti-racist groups or are helping out as individuals. The planning and organisation of the event has been going on since November 2015.

In order to raise a mutual awareness of racism and all issues that go with it and to develop a critical view on our own position, we participated in a Critical Whiteness Workshop in February. We realised how much effort it takes to reflect one’s own position and how unpleasant it can be to recognise one’s own privileges as a ‘white person‘.

It was difficult to realise that we all were not free of racism. One only knows how it is to be negatively affected by racism if one has to experience it oneself. The truth is, we all are affected by racism as we live in a society that displays certain privileges and structures of power and partly manifesting or reproducing those respectively.

Our position is clear: As racism affects all of us, nobody can say that’s no concern of theirs.


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