In order to cover the wide-ranging field of ‘racism/ anti-racism‘, the fclr2016 aims to provide a cross-sectional view on the topics in question in five theme days. Due to the vast area of topics the field of ‘racism/ anti-racism‘ contains, we will try our best to cover as many relevant topics as possible. We are unfortunately unable to touch upon every topic in depth. However, there are at least two events taking place per theme day. We hope and like to at least give an introductory glimpse into the wider topic and allow those interested to raise relevant questions as well as encourage all festival attendees to exchange, discuss and deal in-depth with the topics presented.

The fclr2016 features lectures, reports, panel discussions, workshops, and a supporting cultural programme.

All lectures, panel discussions and workshops are free of charge. We would only like to ask you for prior registration for the workshops.

Please find further information concerning the events on the respective sites. Find out about our cultural programme here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the events!

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