Friday, May 20th will see the term “Empowerment“ being held high. We would like to show how groups that are discriminated against have picked up on the issue and now represent their own interests in the most self-determined manner.

Concerning the issue, the following events will be taking place:

09.00 am – 5.00 pm / seminar room 301 (Nikolakloster, University of Passau)

glokal e.V. – Organisation for politically critical education and consultancy

Empowerment Workshop

4.00 pm / lecture hall 3 (Philosophicum, University of Passau)

Vanessa Eileen Thompson / University of Frankfurt


Lecture:         What was/ is the Post-Colonial?

Postcolonial theories between suspension and ambivalence

Postcolonial theories take a critical approach on the continued effect of colonial discourses and practices and analyse the colonial continuaties in societal structures, research fields and everyday life that still exist in present-day. This way colonial modes of action are reconstructed and at the same time their faults and contradictions as well as resistance formations are examined.

The lecture is rooted in the discussion about the work of the anti-colonial theorist Frantz Fanon and thus offers an introduction to the polyphony and controversies within the postcolonial theories. Based on his work as well as its varied reception, an overview will be given about the main strands of postcolonial theory formation and its critique.

Vanessa Eileen Thompson is a research associate in Sociology, working for the Chair of Culture and Migration at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. Her research mainly focuses on Critical Racism Theories, Postcolonial Feminist Theories, Decolonial Theories and Methodologies, and Black Diaspora Studies.


4.00 pm / venue: lecture hall 6 (WiWi, University of Passau) / lecture

Rex Osa / Stuttgart, Germany

“Actively fighting what’s causing people to flee and not just as a hollow phrase“

“We are not happy with the direction help is taking these days. The causes for flight are not addressed. The people are providing humanitarian aid, often without even realising that they might be causing the problems themselves.“

What has our everyday life to do with the people that flee from their home countries? The issue will be briefly addressed by Rex Osa, a native Nigerian who himself had to flee his home country and ever since has fought for the rights of refugees as a political activist in Germany. The question will be discussed with participants of the lecture.


6.00 pm / lecture hall 3 (Philosophicum, University of Passau)

Bino Byansi Byakuleka / Refugee Struggle, Berlin

Refugee Struggle for Freedom in Germany

Bino Byansi Byakuleka, a former Passau-based refugee, will be presenting the work of “Refugee Struggle for Freedom in Germany“. During his time in Passau, Bino used to live in a refugee accommodation and fought for more humane standards of living for refugees. Since that time he is known to be a founding member of “Refugee Struggle for Freedom in Germany“. He is returning to Passau to share his experiences with us and answer questions.

Please find furher information at Website Refugee Struggle.