The first theme day is dedicated to ‘Islamophobia‘. The fclr2016 will be thus opened by Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz and his multimedia reading.

Since the PEGIDA* demonstrations have occurred on the streets of Germany and are still regularly taking place, we observe openly displayed mistrust, distrust and hatred against people who are considered ‘others‘. Those who are defined as ‘others‘ are especially negatively affected by the PEGIDA movement. Muslims and people who the ‘characteristics‘ of a Muslim are phenotypically attributed to suffer from those resentments in particular.

*Petition Gegen die Islamisierung Des Abendlandes (petition against the islamisation of the occident)

We are therefore very happy about lectures that portray the historical role of Islam as well as the Islamic world. We are also happy to see lectures and panel discussions to be held focusing on the consisting and increasing discrimination against actual Muslims and those labelled as such and hope to approach possible solutions to this current societal phenomenon.

You may look forward to attend the following events:


9.00 am – 5.00 pm / seminar room 301 / Nikolakloster, University of Passau / workshop / prior registration required


Critical Whiteness Workshop

We are happy to welcome the team from glokal e.V., a Berlin-based association for education and consultancy against racism, offering an exciting workshop on “critical whiteness“. After glokal e.V. has organised courses concerning “critical whiteness“ for the Centre of Key Qualifications at the University of Passau, the current workshop is aimed at raising awareness of one’s own positioning of being “white“ within an environment dominated by power structures. The overall objective is to offer a chance for open discussions whether or not one personally agrees with it. In case of disagreement, there’s a chance to clarify which thoughts and impulses can be drawn from this, especially what can be done against it.

Prior registration is required by May 13th, emailing  We are looking forward to your active participation.


6.00 pm / venue: lecture hall 3 (Philosophicum, University of Passau) / lecture

İbrahim Bahçi / University of Münster

“Past Future“ – The Significance of Islam in World History

Since 9/11 we have seen a growing prejudiced view on the Islamic world. It seems those prejudices have become an integral part of the so-called Western occidental moden-day societies.

People affected by prejudices not only are those of Muslim faith, but also those who are attributed the label Muslim to because of their outward appearance, origin or culture.

Nowadays, Islam seems to be often associated with terrorism, violence, hatred and oppression or entirely reduced to these labels. It is rarely the case that Islam is seen on a global scale and the significance it has had in world history ever since it was founded.

Therefore, we are happy to welcome İbrahim Bahçi in Passau. He is going to put Islam in historical perspective and display the influence Islam and the Islamic world have had in European history. According to Bahçi, the Reformation, the Renaissance with its revival of the ancient world heritage, the development of the modern-day science, and the Enlightenment would be unthinkable without the influence of Islamic cultural and scientific traditions.

We can’t wait to listen to this exciting lecture, which is going to elaborate on the influence of Islam and, in particular, its overall significance for European culture.


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6.00 pm / lecture hall 4 (Philosophicum, University of Passau) / lecture

Constantin Wagner / University of Frankfurt

Resentments Against Muslims

In European History, resentments against Muslims have a long tradition and are reproduced in various present-day contexts. The lecture elaborates on how the current perception of ‘Islam‘ and ‘Muslims‘ is evolving and which mechanisms are held responsible for it. Resentments against Muslims are understood as a (specific) form of racism. The analysed fundamental mechanisms also fit related to other ‘labelled‘ groups. In this respect, a critical approach of the perception of Islam can thus be also understood as a form of a general critical racism debate. Current portraits of Islam, especially focusing on mass media, are going to be discussed in what way a reproduction of racism this is we are dealing with in this case.

8.00 pm / lecture hall 5 (WiWi, Unversity of Passau) / panel discussion with:

Adi Liraz / artist, curator and co-founder of NOMEN / Berlin
Nedžad Moćević / trainer and consultant for interculturality and extremism / Salzburg
Armeghan Taheri / Human Rights activist and co-founder of NOMEN / Berlin

Hosted by: Joshua Amrhein / University of Passau

„After 9/11, Paris and Köln: Islamophobia – a growing phenomenon?“
After the Paris attacks, some French Muslims report feeling stigmatized and mistrusted. The French Premier Manuel Valls has suggested denaturalizing criminal citizens with a dual nationality, which affects up to 90% of French Muslims. In the U.S., Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has threatened not to let Muslims enter the country any more. Reports on the influx of mostly Muslim refugees into Europe often connect this topic to terror threats. In Germany, anti-Muslim prejudice is shown on the streets by groups like PEGIDA and in parliaments by politicians from the AfD, CSU and other parties. This panel discussion will explore discrimination against Muslims and how it can be dealt with or overcome.

The discussion will be in English. Questions and audience participation are welcome!